UPDATE Jan. 23, 2015: 
Public Announcement

An Open Letter to our Dear Customers

It is with bittersweet regret that the time has come for Skin-Whitening-Product.com to close its doors, effective February 28, 2015.

If you recall recently, our new management team took over this company, because we believed in its mission and the products. However, due to the depth of various issues that prevented us to run and save the company smoothly, we are left with no other choice but to announce the end of an era.

We've had the privilege of meeting Skin-Whitening-Product.com's former CEO / owner, Ms. Maria, who had a long hard time (due to her condition) looking for her replacement because her standards were high for customer service excellence, in the manner she once served all of you, until various predicaments came one after another. 

Unknown to her loyal followers, she has been unexpectedly incapacitated for some time - physically, emotionally and financially -  to manage the company due to personal reasons we totally understand, and she had forwarded all obligations to us to save the company, for the sake of her beloved customers.

In our effort to fulfill her wish to address all issues, we tried to keep that light on. However, along the way, it has become increasingly difficult and stressful for us, and for you our dear customers. We initially hoped that this once-great company, offering great products, will be given another chance to be back on track very soon. But despite several measures to revitalize the business, we eventually backed out and failed our own, and your expectations.

Our deepest apologies.

We would like to request for forgiveness from all of you. For now, there's only a handful of refunds that can be handled due to a deep deficit in funds.

TO YOU who would sympathize with this situation and simply absolve the company... GOD BLESS YOU. Like us, we have treated all our investments / contributions to Skin-Whitening-Product.com as charity to lend a hand.

TO YOU who would pursue a refund, feel free to still contact us through this site, but we ask you to give it ample time to respond and act on your request due to the system's overload of old and new emails that caused the server to lose and overlap much of the data.

Hopefully, you could eventually join us in just letting this go so we could all move forward past a very bad nightmare.

For the past years, it cannot be denied that Skin-Whitening-Product.com's contributions to the skin whitening world through this website have helped a lot of men and women all over the world. And maybe including you who's reading this – Skin-Whitening-Product.com stood by, supported and helped you achieve your goal, touched your life one way or another, or put a smile on your face.

How we wished fervently that Skin-Whitening-Product.com's unshaken dedication to help improve lives would continue.

Skin-Whitening-Product.com has represented an unmatched spirit to help you - a champion and the only one of its kind in its niche. The FREE forum consultations from THOUSANDS of questions still impress us up to now.

This decision was not deliberated overnight. It took us long hours and tedious months. This site, that lived almost 9 years in the business...

... is finally coming down past midnight of Feb. 28, 2015.

We hope our mission lives in those who were touched by Skin-Whitening-Product.com in the past. Thank you for your loyalty and support for almost a decade. We've had a long history, but the fight is over. We wished we could have done more for you.

To our staunch supporters all these years, we are humbled by your gesture. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. We sincerely apologize for the unintentional and inexcusable frustration and dilemma you've gone through. We are as traumatized by all of these unfortunate and unintended events.

We only pray that somehow someday, your compassion will be rewarded tenfold. Until then, we wish everyone good luck in all their endeavors. Love and peace to you all.



BE WARNED: Skin-Whitening-Product.com is NOT in any way affiliated with any other skin whitening site selling an ebook! This fake ebook is an ABSOLUTE case of misrepresentation and copyright violations. And this fake ebook is way too far from the quality of our original creation. Exclusive photos and over 90% content of Skin-Whitening-Product.com were intentionally copied and used for profit to mislead you for almost a year now. There is a current copyright case being pursued against this site. Skin-Whitening-Product.com is currently NOT selling any more ebooks. For your guidance.